actor // director // photographer 

Somlit is an Asian American artist living in Los Angeles California. Somlit found his start in the arts through bboying and singing, looking up to idols like Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, and Rain. He decided to expand his repertoire and secretly sneaked behind his family's back to attend a theatre magnet program at the Pinellas County Center for the Arts, and that's where his love for acting and storytelling really began to flourish. After taking trips to LA & NYC for dance training & auditions, he decided to move to LA to pursue his art head on.


Somlit has directed and starred in projects that have screened at the Los Angeles Asian American Pacific Film Festival, Top 8, and Portland Film Festival. Featured in stage productions for Our Mic & We Own The 8th, he has been a large community volunteer for the LA Asian American collectives. His creative curiosity about every angle of the arts motivates him to fill a myriad of roles on set, and he pushes to constantly tell stories he wants to share. Somlit aims to help break stereotypes of Asian Americans in western culture and encourage younger generations to pursue opportunities and succeed in their passions. He hopes that through his own experience and success, he can inspire others to overcome their own struggles of identity and find beauty in who they are.

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